About Us

Turn back your clocks to the 1980s, where technology and entertainment joined forces to create the yuppie and web generation! With super cool trends blooming, the Eden Leisure Group, quickly caught on. In 1989, they opened the doors to a missing entertainment sport that Malta had yet to experience – bowling. Since then the Eden SuperBowl has revitalised the whole concept of bowling as a leisure activity, by providing a hang out with non-stop entertainment. 

The Eden SuperBowl offers 20 computerised Tenpin Bowling synthetic lanes, maintaining the highest standard of bowling available. For all serious bowlers, who can a score a strike in their sleep, SuperBowl is the best place to be. If you’re on holiday without your favourite ball, there’s no need to fret, the SuperBowl’s Pro Shop sells all the accessories and equipment you’ll need to show of your winning swing. 

Whether planning a birthday party, school outings or just a fun night out, Eden SuperBowl is the perfect venue for any occasion. Chill out in front of the Big Screen TV to support your favourite football team, or watch music concerts complimented by a 5k sound system. Play American Pool, whilst enjoying a pint of your favourite beer. With many activities to choose from, and plenty of lanes to bowl down, the Eden SuperBowl caters for all. 

Dejan – The Eden SuperBowl General Manager 
As an 80’ Stella Maris College boy, sport and football was always a priority while growing up, and since he always manages to surprise everyone with his hidden sports skills, not much has changed. If Dejan had to describe himself in a few words it would be: a team player, communicative, organised and creative.

But his love of sport, especially football still prevails. Even though there are better teams out there, Partizan Belgrade is still and will forever be in his heart. Humanitarian work and helping people in need for over a decade in several Balkan countries during and after the conflict in the 90’s urged him into entering politics in Kosovo and trying to change things for the better from another perspective. 

His love for Malta, its culture, the sea and old school friendships made him move back to Malta in 2016.  Turns out that after joining Eden Leisure Group and Eden SuperBowl in February 2019 and being active again in sports and entertainment sector, he realised what was missing in his life. Transferring from football to bowling, and looking at his average score, he should knock down some more pins and steer away from football scores. After all bowling is up to 300.

The Lupidian – Assistant Manager 
With a love for photography, poetry, stories and anything creative, Mike Gatt has the magic to create a entertaining story out of every situation. Working at the Eden SuperBowl since 1992, Mike is your go to guy about any fun facts you may want to know about the alley. When asked what he loves most about working at the Eden Superbowl, his response is always a funny one. “The sound of the rumble as the ball travels down the lane and the sound of the pins being struck is something I love.”