Reservations 2021 - Bowlers List by Country

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Reservations - Bowlers List by Country
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Entry Bowler Country
1 Wesley Van Boxel Belgium
2 Giancarlo Ragusa Belgium
3 Bram Van Meerbergen Belgium
4 Michael Coussens Belgium
5 Jan Hoschna Czech Republic
6 Radovan Uher Czech Republic
7 Matej Vojkovsky Czech Republic
8 Tomas Liebich Czech Republic
9 Kenneth Ankerdal Denmark
10 Mathias Gronne Ankerdal Denmark
11 Lars Nielsen Denmark
12 Michael Wittendorf Denmark
13 Emil Rytger Hostbo Denmark
14 Neil Highgate England
15 Lynne Walker England
16 Robert Bruce England
17 Carl Kinnunen Estonia
18 Peter Becker Germany
19 Agata Becker Germany
20 Olaf Voss Germany
21 Engelhardt Thomas Germany
22 Abed Ellatif Isreal
23 Dekel Ishal Israel
24 Shoshana Nadav Israel
25 Matteo Magini Italy
26 Aidas Daniunas Lithuania
27 Philip Gruppetta Malta
28 Melissa Swift Malta
29 Maurizio Anastasi Malta
30 Mitch Hop Netherlands
31 Frank Selvag Norway
32 Lucian Paraschiv Romania


Nikita Koshelev Russia
34 David Barak Slovakia
35 Linus Endahl Sweden
36 Stefan Yngstrom Sweden
37 Ari Poikela Sweden
38 Eric Schultz USA
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