21st Malta Senior Open

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Senior Open Rules

DIRECTOR: The director of the tournament shall be the Manager of the Eden SuperBowl, whose decision on all matters will be final, subject to an appeal to the MTBA and ETBF.

ELIGIBILITY: This Tournament is open to all bowlers who are current members in good standing of a bona fide National Association/Federation, and are at least 50yrs of age on the first day of competition.

BONUS POINTS: Every participant will be awarded bonus points, according to age, for each and every game, as indicated hereunder:
50yrs – Scratch. 51 and over - 1 bonus point/year (51=1 point, 52=2 points etc), no limit.

MIXED DIVISION: Male and female competitors will bowl in one mixed division, and a further bonus of 10 pins per game will be awarded to all female competitors throughout, over and above any age bonus they may have as per above.

TIES: In the event of a tie in the Qualification Round, Final Stage 1 or Final Stage 2, the player with the highest last game shall take the highest position. If a tie still exists, then the player with the highest penultimate game shall take the higher position, and so on until the tie is broken. In the event of a tie in the Any Game Turbos or Desperado Squad the bowler with the highest position from the Qualification Round shall take the higher position. In the event of a tie in any of the Knock-Out stages or Grand Final, a one ball roll off on a full set of pins will be played, repeated until the tie is broken.

REFUSAL TO BOWL: Should a player refuse to bowl at the correct pace at any stage of the tournament his/her game may be declared forfeited by the Tournament Director. If a bowler refuses to bowl his next frame during the step ladder finals, that game shall be declared forfeited and the bowler concerned shall receive the prize monies of the loser of that match.

DISPUTES: A provisional ball will be rolled in the case of a dispute which cannot be decided on the spot. Any protests must be submitted in writing to the tournament Director within 30 minutes of the game in which the infraction occurred.

GENERAL: All competitors must register at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled bowling time. Bowlers who have not registered at the time practice starts, shall be disqualified and replaced by the next reserve in the Qualifying Round or Desperado Squad. Bowlers arriving late for the other stages will be permitted to bowl from the current frame onwards - no replacements will be allowed. Any bowler who may be, in the opinion of the Tournament Director, under the influence of alcohol at any time during the course of bowling, will be disqualified. If a bowler is caught smoking during a game, the penalty will be zero pinfall in that game. If a bowler is caught smoking between two games of a block of games, the penalty will be zero pinfall in the succeeding game. All competitors must be suitably dressed during play. Jeans and sleeveless shirts are prohibited, and any shorts worn by male competitors must be of a suitable length, i.e. 3/4 length (below the knee).


Entry fee

2 squads must be purchased (same day purchases accepted):

Any Wednesday Squad €50

Any Thursday Squad    €60

Any Friday Squad        €70

Any Saturday Squad    €70

Re-entry fee

€ 60 for 6 games

Desperado fee

€ 30


€ 15


Tournament Format & Qualification


Regular qualification will be over 12 games (two series of 6 games).

6-game re-entries (unlimited, subject to availability) will be possible in order to replace the lower of the initial two series, providing the re-entry score is higher than said initial series. If not, the initial series total will be retained. The higher of the initial two series must be retained for the qualification total. Re-entry reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, with waiting lists made where necessary.

The Any Game Turbo is an athlete's high game, including bonus, within any six-game series where an Any Game Turbo entry has been registered. For all twelve initial qualifying games to be included, two Any Game Turbo entries will be required (one for each six-game series).

1 game, immediately after the final qualifying squad (Squad H).

Lanes will not be re-dressed for the Desperado Squad. There will be no lane alternation i.e. Deperado athletes will bowl all ten frames on the same lane. There will be a 5-minute practice session before the Desperado game begins.

28 Bowlers will qualify for the Final Stages as follows:
Qualifying Round - Top 20 bowlers go through to the Final Stages
Positions 1-4 will automatically go through to Final Stage 3
Positions 5-8 will automatically go through to Final  Stage 2
Positions 9-20 will continue in Final Stage 1
Any Game Turbo – Top 4 Turbo bowlers will qualify in positions 21–24 for Final Stage 1
Desperado Squad - Top 4 bowlers will qualify in positions 25-28 for Final Stage 1

20 bowlers (qualifying positions 9–28 as specified above) will play 4 games from scratch. The top 8 will go through to Final Stage 2. Non-qualifiers from this stage shall be ranked 17th–28th accordingly.

12 bowlers (qualifying positions 5-8, plus 8 from Final Stage 1) will play four games from scratch. Top 4 will go through to Final Stage 3. Non-qualifiers from this stage shall be ranked 9th-16th accordingly.

The top 8 bowlers will play 2-game head-to-head Knock-Out matches for total pinfall, including any bonuses. The top 4 bowlers from the Qualifying Round will be seeded 1st to 4th for this stage, while the 4 qualifiers from Final Stage 2 shall be seeded 5th to 8th:

1st vs 8th
2nd vs 7th 3rd vs 6th 4th vs 5th

The 4 defeated bowlers from this stage will be ranked from 5th to 8th in the final standings, according to their previous qualifying positions.


The 4 winning bowlers from Final Stage 3 will be reseeded 1st to 4th according to their previous seeded positions, and play further 2-Game Knock-Out matches for total pinfall:

1st vs 4th 2nd vs 3rd

The 2 defeated bowlers from this stage will be ranked from 3rd to 4th in the final standings, according to their previous qualifying positions.

A 2-Game Knock-Out match for total pinfall will decide the Champion, and Runner Up of the 2018 Senior Malta Open Championship.



Wednesday 3 October 2018

09.00: Squad 1, 6 games

13.00: Squad 2, 6 games

17.00: Squad 3, 6 games


Thursday 4 October 2018

09.00: Squad 4, 6 games

13.00: Squad 5, 6 games

17.00: Squad 6, 6 games


Friday 5 October 2018

09.00: Squad 7, 6 games

13.00: Squad 8, 6 games

17.00: Squad 9, 6 games


Saturday 6 October 2018

09.00: Squad 10, 6 games

13.00: Squad 11(*), 6 games

16.00: Desperado, 1 game

 20 spots in squad 11 will be blocked strictly for re-entries


Sunday 7.10.18 - Final Stages

Final Stage 1 - 09:00hrs - 20 Bowlers, 4 Games

Final Stage 2 - 11:00hrs - 12 Bowlers, 4 Games

Final Stage 3 - 13:00hrs - Top 8, 2 Game Knockout

Final Stage 4 - 14:00hrs - Top 4, 2 Game Knockout

Final Stage 5 - 15:00hrs - Top 2 Grand Final 2 Game Knockout


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