The 28th edition of the Malta Open 2019 had a Record of 18 Countries Participating!

The 28th edition of the Malta Open 2019, which took place between the 12th and 16th of June, had 79 participants from 18 different countries taking part. This was the first time the Malta Open had such a diversified attendance, with less countries participating in previous years.

However, this was not the only first for this Malta Open, as the tournament was won by a Russian player for the first time as well. Nikita Koshelev took home the trophy, while the ladies singles was won by a Maltese participant, Cynthia Duca.

The quality of bowling for this year’s Open was extremely high. Players had very high scores and there were four perfect games with a score of 300 each.  

People from all over Europe could tune in to the Malta Open, with the whole tournament being broadcast live on YouTube.

Bowling Malta Open

The Eden Superbowl's Bowling Manager commented: ‘It was a very successful tournament, it ran smoothly without any technical difficulties or other issues. The results were great and the scores were high. People seemed to enjoy the atmosphere within our bowling alley and took the time to explore the Maltese islands while they were at it. I believe that the next Open will not only have people returning, but will also bring new participants and visitors to our shores.’ 

Eden Leisure Group Director, Kevin De Cesare Jnr said: ‘We’re very grateful to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of this year’s event. It couldn’t have been possible without the dedication and hard work of everyone involved.’

With one Malta Open closed, works on the next one have already started. After the success of this year’s Malta Open, the bar has been set high. The goals we aim to achieve next year, apart from making sure everything runs smoothly once more, is working towards getting more and more bowlers from all around the world to participate.

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