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In order to cater to all your requests, we are offering various single and multiple game packages for adults, juniors, seniors and customers with special needs. Our choice also varies on week days and weekends. And don’t forget, we’ve got unlimited bowling offers for you to grab!

Kindly note that there are restrictions applied to certain rates.
Choose your favourite option at the Eden SuperBowl and enjoy a fun night of bowling rollin’ J


E - Reservations - Squad 5

Published in Reservations 2021

Thursday 07/10, 1300hrs

Bowler Nat Entry Re-entry
 Greg Jerome Eng  2  
 Stephen Carnall Eng  2  
Abed Latif Mahamid Isr 2  
 Ian Kennedy Eng  1  
 Carole Orange Eng  1  
Izhak Dekel Isr 2  
Robert Bruce Eng 1  
 Steven Jeeves Eng  1  
 Simon Ferrow Jer  2  
 Carl Vanderhook Eng  2  
 Cliff Dew Eng  1  
 Graham Manners Eng  1  
 Elaine Davey Eng  1  
 Klaus Lischka Ger  2  
 Olegario Cuevas Esp  2  
 Martina Beckel Ger  2  
 Chris Ellis Eng  1  
 Liliane Vintens Bel  1  
 Vintens Friend Bel  1  

A - Reservations - Squad 1

Published in Reservations 2021

Wednesday 06/10, 1300hrs

Bowler Nat Ent Re-Entry
 Greg Jerome Eng 1  
Stephen Carnall Eng 1  
Abed Latif Mahamid Isr 1  
Simon Ferrow Jer 1  
Carl Vanderhook Eng 1  
Klaus Lischka Ger 1  
Olegario Cuevas Esp 1  
Martina Beckel Ger 1  
Dario Ancarani Ita 1  
Izhak Delek Isr 1  
Dennis Mercieca Mlt 1  


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